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Are you a former Australian Military member who has skills which could be useful in a crisis? We want to hear from you.

What is WYWM's Army Reserve Crisis Response Team?

WithYouWithMe has teamed up with the Australian Army to build an exciting new program connecting veterans back to the Army to help use some of the skills they’ve built since transitioning. 

Australia has recently seen an unprecedented number of natural disasters – from the NSW and Victoria bushfires, to the QLD floods and cyclones – and on many occasions the nation has turned to the Australian Army to assist the recovery. 

While the Army has a lot of expertise to assist, we know there is also a lot of experience and drive to help from veterans who are currently living in our community. 

That’s why WithYouWithMe has teamed up with the Australian Army to identify those veterans looking to use their new skills to help the nation in a time of need. 

It could be any useful skill from a chainsaw licence, all the way to more advanced crisis management training. 

If this sounds like you we’d love to hear from you. 

Use your new Skills

Picked up some unique skills which you think may be useful? Put your skills to good use.

Help your country

Help your country in its time of need.

Continue to Serve Flexibly

Unlike traditional reservist work, the Crisis Response Team will be flexible to your needs and won't require Tuesday night parading.

Check out a few examples of skills which may be useful

Some Example Skills



Crisis Response Training

Drone Operator


Geospatial mapping

and many, many more…!

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Sign up for the WYWM Army Reserve Crisis Response Team.

The Army is looking to better support the community during times of crisis by better understanding what skills and abilities exist among its contingent workforce (Reserves and Veterans) at a local level.

The first step is to tell us what skills you have that could support your community in a natural disaster, pandemic or other crisis.  

What is the Army Contingent Workforce?

The Army Reserve Crisis Response Team forms part of the broader WYWM Army Contingent Workforce program. 

The Deputy Chief of Army Establishment Trial is operating to help Army become more agile and better utilise and recognise the valuable skills of Veterans and Reservists.

The Australian Army has teamed up with WithYouWithMe to help reconnect individuals who have gained new skills since they transitioned. If you are eligible as a reservist (SERCAT 2 or 3) but not currently active, this program could be perfect for you.

Army understands the huge potential of the untapped talent and skillsets of Veterans and the Contingent Workforce. There has never been a better time to reconnect with Army.

Army is seeking individuals who still want to contribute, possess valuable industry skills and are available for casual, part-time or even full-time employment opportunities. 

The Army Reserve Crisis Response Team forms a key part of the Contingent Workforce. 


Want to know more about this opportunity?

Tom Larter 🍃 Project Lead

Tom is WithYouWithMe’s Chief Customer Success Officer and is running the WYWM Army Future Workforce Program. Have a chat with Tom about what’s involved in the project and how you can access some of the roles we have available. 

Tom served as an Infantry Officer (don’t hold that against him) as part of 7RAR. He’s now living his best civvie life trying to grow his hair long. Jury is still out on whether it’s been a success. 

Book a Career Call with Tom