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WithYouWithMe’s Aviation Upskill Program is set to train more than 1,000 Aviation workers impacted by COVID-19 in Data Analytics. Sign-up today!

What is the Aviation Upskill Program?

WithYouWithMe’s Aviation Upskill Program has been established to help Aviation workers impacted by COVID-19 gain new skills. 

Participants in the program will be offered free access to WithYouWithMe’s leading Data Analytics training delivered via the WYWM Academy. 

Valued at more than $7,000, the training is designed to make you employable as Data Analysts, or give you skills to make you more competitive as a management consultant, project manager, analysts or even a sales professional.

It is provided free for the first 1,000 Aviation workers who register to upskill. The training is available completely online, with both self-paced and cohort options available. 
Key Dates
Monday 24 August – Training commences. A full onboarding pack will be sent to all registrants of how to register once the courses are live. 

Just announced – Access to the WithYouWithMe Cyber Defender Program!

We’ve been excited by the response and interest in the program from participants across the aviation industry. We’ve decided that in addition to the Data Analytics Pathway, we’re also offering all participant access to our world-leading Cyber Defender Pathway! 

This will all be available at course launch on Monday, 24 August.

For more info on what’s involved in a Cyber Career, check out our Cyber page here.

Kick-Start a new Career

Learn new skills to help kick-start a new career and leverage past experience.

Free Program

The program is being offered free for the first 1,000 displaced aviation workers to register.

No Experience?

No previous analytics experience required.

What is Data Analytics?

More than ever businesses revolve around data, with demand for big data technology, big data analysis, and machine learning growing with it. There is currently a growing requirement for 1000s of Data Analysts in Australia.
The main goal of a Data Analysis is to help organisations identify ways of reducing costs and find opportunities for growing revenue. Data Analysts use standard methods to collect and analyse data. They translate statistics into meaningful business information and report on their findings.

Program Supporters


Details Debrief Webinar

On Wednesday, 5th August we held a Details Debrief Webinar for all participants  to find out more information and ask any questions you may have on the program.

If you weren’t able to attend, you can check out the recording below. 

Meet your Instructors


Ben De Maine, Data Practice    Lead

Ben has a long background in Data Analytics and Data Training, helping 100s of individuals upskill for new data careers. The Data Analytics course was his creation, so there’s no one better placed to tell you all about it!

Jimmy Wren, Data Analytics Instructor

Jimmy has been a WithYouWithMe Data Analytics Instructor for close to six months, acting as the key contact for students as they progress through the course. If you have any issues or want to get into the details, Jimmy is your man.

Tom Larter, Chief Customer Success Officer

Tom has been with WithYouWithMe since the beginning, coming on as employee number 3. He is running the Aviation Upskill Program and will give you a good overview of what to expect from the training.

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Luke Rix 🌊Co-Founder

Luke is on of the Co-Founders at WithYouWithMe. While he’s one of the few ‘civvies’ in the senior leadership team, Luke is passionate about helping veterans after starting the copamy with a mate who had a poor transition. 

Having spent a career in corporate and running a start-up, book a call with Luke to discuss what skills companies are looking for and how you can position yourself for success.

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Who is WithYouWithMe?

WYWM is a leading digital and technology skills training academy powered by Australian, US and Canadian combat veterans. Our company is built to help solve underemployment and assist individuals and companies with career transition. Our passion is helping everyone go from zero to technologist. 

 We have helped more than 20,000 individuals on their career transition and have worked with some of Australia’s largest organisation.