Stop ghosting me.

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“This isn’t working. I need time to think.”
This was how my marriage ended. No answers until years down the track and a whole heap of uncertainty on where I went wrong. Kind of like the recruitment game, it sucks when you never hear back.
This isn’t tinder. You can’t pretend be into someone and pop smoke and never reply back to them. In our ever-connected world it is far too easy for your company brand to be damaged giving potential suiters a poor experience. If tinder had something like this, we’d all be a hell of a lot nicer to each other…
Dear Brett,
Unfortunately you have been unsuccessful in your application, we wish you the best in your job search. If you feel like you would like some feedback, feel free to reach out and we will be in touch as soon as we can.
Warmest Regards,
It’s not the best news. But it gives you closure. I would have really appreciated even a well drafted email from my ex wife than a text.
Anyway, putting aside my horrendous personal experiences, I’ve got your back. We’ve recently released our new recruiter features on our platform Potential. When our design guru Alex and I set out to build this we had three outcomes in mind.
– A great user experience for the recruiter,
– Productivity driven actions to help you win your day and;
– No ghosting candidates. Ever.
So, that email text you saw above, is what every candidate will receive when they are unsuccessful in a job application if they make it to the interview stage. If you express interest in a job, you will receive a similar notification.
And now recruiters, you’re probably saying “Well damn Brett, way to give me more work to do!”
Good news is, we’ve got your six too. These functions will become automated and driven on a dashboard that you can drive productivity by tasks to be and feel successful (coming soon!). They only responses you will have to custom type are the emails for candidates that you actually speak to. Because hey, it’s your damn job.
In recent months we have faced a lot of movement in the job market. I’ve seen all sorts of posts from recruiters, candidates all talking about user experience in the application process. It’s been awesome to actually build something that helps both sides of the fence instead of just post about it.
So if you’re a company interested in hiring high quality talent and want your recruiters to have a great user experience, feel free to get in touch here.
Veterans, sign up and start training here. It’s free. You have nothing to lose.

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