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Who is this For?

This Pilot is for Veterans who have served our country as many have the desire to continue to do so after they leave the CAF. If you are a transitioning military personnel or veteran, this is for you. We are expecting this pilot to run through 2020 and post COVID.

Experienced Professsionals

Sign up today and join the team. All tech skills valued! By combining skills and culture-testing data, we can identify areas where the candidates would excel.

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Join the WYWM program today and complete your testing to align your military skills to a course that will utilise your strengths. Veterans have many of the same skills required to work in cyber; they simply need to be trained for a new terrain.

WithYouWithMe is an endorsed partner of this program, setup with Shared Services Canada to provide Job Opportunities to Canadian Military Veterans.


The Cyber Workforce Enablement Program is a procurement vehicle designed to train transitioning military personnel and veterans to be our cyber workforce.

Veterans possess similar traits to highly successful cyber resources – by providing high demand cyber career training to hundreds of veterans, the program is leveraging their skills to build a cyber workforce and bridge the gap between requirement and security cleared capable resources for both the federal government and businesses across Canada.


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We test to find the right team and culture fit for you. A misalignment of values would be detrimental.  Testing also allows us to identify suitable candidates early in the hiring process.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Canadian Cyber Enablement Program:

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