The Veteran Chapter Lead Program is an opportunity for a military veteran in the WYWM community to help other veterans through their transition or career change journey. It’s an opportunity for someone to help grow the veteran community in their local area by providing them with opportunities to connect with others, provide guidance, share stories, provide information and just help a mate!

Why become an Veteran Chapter Lead

Being a Veteran Chapter Lead is a deeply rewarding opportunity both personally and professionally. You feel great to have helped a fellow veteran, and you also provide them meetup opportunities that will help them transition into civilian life more smoothly.

Do I have what it takes to be a Veteran Chapter Lead?

Connection to the military; served or family? Desire to build their local veteran community. Patience, compassion, support others, stigma-free. Speaking to people from all walks of life. Effective listening skills.

What will I be doing as a Veteran Chapter Lead?

Raising awareness and sharing information to veterans in the local area through multiple connection opportunities. Creating opportunities for scheduled meetups and connection with veterans. Helping us grow our veteran community to solve the mission of underemployment.

Become an Veteran Chapter Lead help build your local veteran community

The ethos behind being a Veteran Chapter Lead is to build a sense of community for veterans by creating opportunities for them to connect, share stories and pay it forward. 

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