Veteran Chapter Leads - Victoria

The Veteran Chapter Lead Program is an opportunity for military veterans in the WYWM community to be helped by other veterans through their transition or career change journey.

The Victorian Veteran Chapter Leads has been founded to help grow the veteran community in their local area by providing them with opportunities to connect with others, job opportunities, provide guidance, share stories, provide information and just help a mate!

Who is this For?

Any military veteran within the local area looking for that additional support in their transition journey either from Defence or during that career change journey!  


Started your transition journey in Victorian and wanting that additional support and ongoing camaraderie?

Reservist/ Separated

Looking for some local support and an opportunity to connect with other veterans in your area?

Ready for a career change

Join the WYWM Victorian Chapter to experience what support is available in your local area!

Join the Community

This opportunity is completely free for military veterans and has been developed to provide local support no matter where you live!

Join the Victorian Veteran Chapter

Join the community and experience the camaraderie from your days of serving!

The Victorian Chapter is here to raise awareness and sharing information to veterans in the local area through multiple connection opportunities, scheduled meetups all aimed to help grow the veteran community and solve the mission of underemployment.

Up and Coming Events

Being part of the Victorian Veteran Chapter Community means you will have the opportunity to connect with other veterans on their transition journey!   

We will be hosting regular events that will range from meet ups, meeting with business’s, hackathons for good and many more.  

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with other veterans at these events!

Victorian Chapter Mission:

To tackle Veteran underemployment by providing a place of safety, support and opportunity within Victoria, for local Veterans with local Veterans. 

Meet the Victorian Chapter Leads

We reached into the local Victorian community and these are some of the veterans that rose to the challenge!

Justin Allen

Industry: Cyber Security

Previous Service: AirForce

"I was lucky enough to have the time to understand the complexities of the discharge process. I have seen many peers struggle with the process, or be misinformed by support staff who were supposed to be trained in the process. I was prepared and helped ensure my success on leaving. I would like to be able to offer the same guidance and assistance, as well as comradery to those needing a conversation, or reach out, after the realisation of the change in mateship and values within their new life, and civilian organisation hits them."

Joe Piasecki

Industry: Construction

Previous Service: Navy ​

"I was guided through the discharge process by a mate who had been through it 12 months before, and it was really helpful. I'm hoping the same for someone else, and also a point of contact for Victorian based veterans"

Not in Victoria? Find other areas where you can get support!