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All Australian and US Veterans

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We currently have 75 jobs for entry level software developers, exclusive for veterans. No experience required other than the WYWM Software Development courses. 

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Meet your Software Engineering Instructor - Tom A!

Say hello to your new Software Engineering Instructor Tom Alderton (that’s right, another WithYouWithMe Tom!).

Tom A is a trained Software Engineer and a current Australian Army Reservist. He has been hard at work developing our new Python Course.

Hear Tom’s story, how he stumbled into his passion for Software Engineering, and why he thinks veterans can make great Software Engineers.

Dev Vets - Chatting with Chris Martin, prior-military now Software Developer.

Our Co-Founder Luke Rix chats with Chris Martin, a WYWM Academy Alumni and current Software Developer based in London.

After spending time in the Australian military system, Chris made the jump into technology via the WYWM Academy RPA course. Since then, he has continued developing his skills and is now a Python developer at a tech firm in London.

Chris chats about his experiences, and why making the leap into technology isn’t as hard as many veterans might think!


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Luke Rix 🌊Co-Founder

Luke is on of the Co-Founders at WithYouWithMe. While he’s one of the few ‘civvies’ in the senior leadership team, Luke is passionate about helping veterans after starting the copamy with a mate who had a poor transition. 

Having spent a career in corporate and running a start-up, book a call with Luke to discuss what skills companies are looking for and how you can position yourself for success.

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